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The aim of ULRIC DE VARENS, which started its production and sales life in France in 1993 and aims to prove itself all over the world, was to strengthen its brand name in the ultra competitive perfume segment of the Turkish and French market, to increase its awareness, to expand its market share and to increase its sales with influencer studies.


After the influential influencer studies in Turkey, the brand wanted to be more effective in the French account, which is the brand's global flagship account, and to influence the market, and applied to us in this regard.


First of all, we determined our strategy in the field of Influencer Marketing. For 1.5 years, we have carried out effective works with Turkish Influencers. We have worked with more than 850 people and sent hundreds of perfumes.

As an influencer profile, we have worked with many macro and micro names as well as big names like Elvin Levinler. Our preference was influencers who could carry and promote the products in the best way and influence the 20-35 age group.

We meet all the digital services of the brand;

Working with 850 influencers in 1.5 years, we encountered times when we used up the stocks of products in sales channels in Turkey. Our work, which has been going on in Turkey for more than two years, continues with the promotion of the special collection that the brand wants to realize in France as of now. 


850 +

Influencer collabs in France and Turkey

2.1 M

The interaction we received in France and Turkey


Increase in conversion rate


Increase in website clicks compared to the previous period

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