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Incoming Brief

If you're reading this, "oh those are flink's agency?" We hear you say. How did Flink start?

FLINK, which brings a new breath to the world of socialization applications; users to socialize togetherIt started out as an application that aims to provide inspiration and community building. 

The first condition to progress as an application was to exist in the digital world, but only the logo and name of the brand were ready. 

Brand's brief to us was initially download focused, but we believed that Flink could be so much more. 

In line with the demands from the brand, we determined their needs; creating the identity of the application, in an untested way, by creating our own influencers and posting them on social media platforms. We have started our work on the effective promotion and download of the application.


We determined our strategy, we drew our roadmap: If we are a social media agency, the social media account of this application should be perfect. 

Using and developing our industry knowledge, we believed that we could do this job from scratch by combining the briefs we received from dozens of influencers we have worked with so far, and we created two different Influencers from our own structure to their name. So How to Become an Influencer as a Viral House? We laid the foundations of our training plans. 

In fact, our passion for socializing has reached such a point that we even found ourselves in Eskişehir for the Flink event as a whole team.

We provided PR collaborations such as Onedio and collage clubs.

 The most important weapon for determining the right influencer choices was the right audience analysis. With the right collaborations, the brand gained momentum in a short time. 

We, who have been meeting all the digital services of the brand for 1 year,  

After more than 100 million views, 1 interview, 50 influencer studies, and 190 million accounts, we found that Flink was the most interactive social media account among competing applications.


Flink, which is identified with our company, continues with its overseas operations.


100M +

Over 100 Million views on all accounts


Influencer collabs





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