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Founded in 2019 to be the pioneer of the gold-plated jewelry industry, Jewel Accessories has become one of the most preferred and favorite brands of plated jewelry lovers in Turkey over time.


The Influencer marketing goal of Jewel Aksesuar, which has dozens of varieties from earrings to rings, was to increase the user experience and to ensure that its tarnish and non-perishable products are combined by different Turkey's most stylish and stylish people. 


Two  During the separate working period, by creating various contents with 180+  influencers, the awareness and sales of the Jewel brand in the Turkish market were increased, while awareness was raised about the diversity, timelessness and different combinability of jewelery with Influencer studies in different styles. 

In addition to the micro and macro works we have done, within the framework of the project to create a real brand face, names such as Selin Ciğerci, Naz Demir, Dilan Polat and Sena Sever have made many contributions to the brand.



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